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The Joinup website is getting revamped for its 10th birthday!

Our Joinup solution is turning 10 this year and will get a makeover as a birthday present! Joinup has been built through the ISA and ISA² Programmes and is now an integral part of the future offerings under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP)

The Joinup platform plays many roles such as being an online repository of shared and reusable ICT solutions, a collaborative space, an observatory of all things Open Source and eGovernment-related. There is need for new enhancements in order to keep Joinup in line with the policy needs and to help further improve digital public services for businesses and citizens.

The team has therefore created the Joinup revamp page which provides the context behind this initiative and which will regularly present the upcoming transformation activities occurring on the platform. The team has been collecting, sorting and categorising all incoming feedback from users, whose responses and opinions have started a process that aims to challenge existing Joinup concepts.

The revamp page will serve as a space in which all major UI/UX improvement activities will be announced as they take place on the platform. In order to ensure a smooth transition, and allow user familiarity, these improvements will first be put through a testing phase and showcased to users via Joinup’s Demo environment. 

Wednesday, 14 April, 2021