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European Interoperability Architecture presents EIRA v3.1.0. and eGovERA solution

In the context of the ISA² Action European Interoperability Architecture, the EIRA© v3.1.0 is about to be released. A new initiative called eGovERA© has been launched - a solution for eGovernment portfolio management decision and digital transformation support in European Public administrations.

EIRA 3.1.0
The new release of EIRA contains many improvements that make the product progressive and established for designing interoperable digital public services. Specifically, the new EIRA includes: 

  • Revision of the architecture building blocks descriptions taking into account the disruptive concept multidimensional nature of interoperability (structural, behavioural and mainly governance interoperability).
  • Refinement of the EIRA views and viewpoints.
  • Upgrade to ArchiMate® 3.1.0.
  • Improvement of the key interoperability viewpoint introducing four key concepts, which enable the achievement of structural, behavioural and governance interoperability:
    • Shared Legal Framework;
    • Shared Governance Framework;
    • Shared Knowledge Base;
    • and Shared Platform.

The new release of EIRA represents a significant step forward towards a greater support in taking decisions on the analysis and design of interoperable solutions enabling digital public services. EIRA v3.1.0 is the result of the collaborative effort of experts using EIRA in European digital public services in 2019. 


eGovERA Proof of Concept (PoC)

eGovERA is a solution for eGovernment portfolio management decision and digital transformation support in European Public administrations. The ISA² unit was requested by the DG REFORM to help with the definition of a roadmap to help Member States implementing effectively e-Government digital public services.

A PoC will be carried out to assess an integrated eGoverment Portfolio Management decision and digital transformation roadmap support solution. eGovERA supports the next generation of European interoperable digital public services enabling business continuity, transformation, and co-existence with the current state of affairs in a public administration.

eGovERA v1.0.0 beta version is the result of the collaborative effort between DG DIGIT, and 3 specific working groups in the Tax, Health and Business Agnostic domains

eGovERA is interesting for:

  • Chief operation officers of Member States who need to plan and optimise the investment in e-Government for the following years in different policy areas, while focusing on the modernisation of the Member States’ digital public services. 
  • The Portfolio Managers of public administrations’ services who work on planning the long-term modernisation programmes of specific digital public services for citizens and businesses or of infrastructure services, who need guidance in identifying the priority actions and their sequence. 
  • The enterprise or solution architects working in the implementation of digital public services in a specific policy domain or in cross-domain infrastructure services, who need to have a European reference model to plan the implementation phases. 

eGovERA is focused around four strategic Use Cases:

  • EC Services that need support in their modernisation plans
  • Digital Public Services Portfolio Management Decision Support
  • Applying for EU Funds Support in e-Government and digital transformation
  • National Digital Agenda Support

and two operational Use Cases: 

  • Analysing and Designing a target interoperable digital public service in a specific domain specific (i.e. health, taxes, etc…).
  • Understanding the ICT impact of new legislation.

As eGovERA will enter a piloting phase in the last quarter of 2020, the initiative needs to test its value proposition detailed in three out of the four strategic use cases. 

Friday, 24 July, 2020