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IMAPS User Stories: Belgium

Interview with Sebastiaan Taes, The Federal Service BUS at BOSA

The Federal Service Bus (FSB) of the Belgian Federal Public Service Policy and Support Directorate General Digital Transformation (FPS BOSA DT), wants to be the gateway to the most important data sources of the Belgian federal government. Specifically, the service provides a platform for the federal administrations and bodies, or institutions that perform a task in the public interest. The platform provides web services in a homogeneous and secure manner that offer error-free access to data sources.

Why did you use IMAPS?
IMAPS helps the administrations to follow the 'once only' principle. Citizens and enterprises don’t have to share their information a second time to an administration. Once the data are collected, the FSB gives the possibility to share it among administrations. Each flow is also checked with regards to GDPR compliance. These web services are developed as reusable and are particularly useful as basic components that simplify the construction of virtual counters.

How did this IT solution help you?
The tool was very useful to check the maturity of our Federal FSB services. The system is already running for more than 10 years. We’ve invested a lot of time in improving our service delivery and management. We’ve done some improvement plans over the years and wanted to use a benchmark tool in 2019 to measure the evolution of the service. IMAPS helped us understand the maturity levels, which were overall high, but it also allowed us to find specific areas to improve. Actions have been taken already to improve the service and the experience for our end users.

What are the benefits of using IMAPS?
IMAPS definitely helped us to save time. 8 years ago a similar exercise was done, but not with an out-of-the-box tool. Back then, 5 people dedicated half a day on a collective session to configure the benchmark for only a few services. With the use of IMAPS, you could save more or less 2,5 days for one service. 

How did IMAPS help you increasing the level of interoperability of your organization at cross border level? 
IMAPS has helped us improve our service to a level whereby upon the introduction of eIDAS we will already be interoperable and better serve businesses and citizens across the EU.

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Wednesday, 6 May, 2020