Facilitating archive management across Europe

Standard-based archival data management, exchange and publication

2017.01 Standard-based archival data management, exchange and publication

When is this action of interest to you? 

This action will start with a study aiming at identifying existing data standards in archival information management and exploring IT tools and services supporting them. The results will also help to show how these standards are applied in different contexts. The second part of the action will deal with analysis of requirements for interoperability between the Archives Portal Europe, Europeana, and the Historical Archives of the European Union (run by the European University Institute), on the one hand, and the Historical Archives of the European Commission on the other.

The action will also assess available options for publishing the relevant part of the content of EU archives in open data format, through the different available platforms (like the open data and the European data portals) allowing Member States, citizens and researchers to interact with them and reuse them in different contexts.

First results

In June 2018, final deliverables for the first phase of the action have been published:

  • Study report
    An extensive inventory of business processes, standards and IT solutions commonly used by archival organizations in the area of archival data management, exchange and publication.
  • Assessment tool
    A configurable benchmarking tool which based on a set of requirements in terms of business processes to cover, standards to implement and technical constraints, offer support for the selection of IT solutions for archives management.

What are the next steps?

In 2018, the action will launch two pilots on open data publication and archive management data exchange.