Developing an open source CAPTCHA

EU Captcha

2018.08 EU-Captcha

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A CAPTCHA is a test intended to distinguish human from machine input. The objective is to offer to EU Member States an open source CAPTCHA released under the European Union Public License (EUPL) that is maintained by the European Commission, secure, user-friendly and multilingual. It will be delivered as a component that can be operated as a service. A CAPTCHA with such characteristics does not exist on the market. The solution delivered will be published on the GitHub platform so that it can be reviewed and maintained by the open source community. The action will also conduct a study investigating how to further extend the CAPTCHA with features that improve the user experience by replacing scrambled letters and numbers with more innovative and less intrusive approaches (e.g. gesture analysis, animations, images). The aim is to implement the conclusions of the study in the coming years.

More information coming soon