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Expert Group "Knowledge for growth"

In the context of the need to reinvigorate the Lisbon Strategy, Commissioner Janez Potočnik established in 2005 a group of prominent economists in the field of Knowledge for Growth in order to provide him with high-level advice on the following aspects:

  • Contribution that knowledge can make to sustainable growth and prosperity;
  • Optimum mix of policies needed to promote the creation, dissemination and use of knowledge;
  • Role that the various actors can play in stimulating a knowledge society and how to enhance the dialogue among these actors.

The Knowledge for Growth (K4G) Expert Group operated as an independent advisory body to Commissioner Potočnik (list of members English[ - 12Kb]).

The group met three times a year, under the chairmanship of the Commissioner. The Commissioner appointed Prof. Dominique Foray as Vice-Chairman to lead the work of the group.

The K4G expert group issued brief policy related study results in two overview documents:
Introduction and first Policy Briefs English[ - 926Kb] and Policy Briefs No. 5 - 9English[ - 322Kb].

The group has produced the following reports and Policy Briefs.

(1) "Globalisation of R&D" English[ - 1.64Mb] (Rapporteur: Dominique Foray) was adopted in April 2006. A Policy Brief relating to the report is called "Smart specialisation in a truly integrated research area is the key to attracting more R&D to Europe" English [ - 136 Kb].

(2) The EU’s R&D Deficit & Innovation Policy English[ - 78 Kb] (Rapporteur: Mary O’Sullivan) was adopted 2007 at its 7th meeting in Seville. The related Policy Debate document is called "What policies are needed to overcome the EU's R&D deficit?" English [ - 101Kb].

(3) "Universities and Public Research Organisations in the ERA" English [ - 394Kb] (Rapporteurs Paul A. David and Stan Metcalfe) eventually was discussed at its 8th meeting in Brussels. The related Policy Brief is called "Universities must contribute to enhancing Europe's innovative performance" English [ - 163Kb]. Other related papers of the authors are: Sieper discussion paper English [ - 161Kb]. – and Metcalfe Schiller-Jena English [ - 133Kb].

(4) "Governance and coordination of S&T policies in the European Research Area" English [ - 276Kb] (Rapporteurs Ramon Marimon and Maria G. Carvalho) was adopted at its 10th meeting in Ljubljana. The related Policy Brief is called "An Open, Integrated, and Competitive European Research Area requires policy and institutional reforms, and better Governance and Coordination of S&T policies" English [ - 155Kb].

(5) "The Knowledge Economy and Catching-up Member States of the European Union" (Rapporteurs Ramon Mrak and Reinhilde Veugelers) English [ - 484Kb] and the related Policy Brief English [ - 170Kb]

(6) "Measuring corporate R&D returns" (Rapporteurs Bronwyn H. Hall and Jacques Mairesse) English [ - 265Kb] and the related Policy Brief English [ - 150Kb]

(7) "Technology Production vs.Technology Diffusion" (Presentation, Rapporteur: Georg Licht) English [ - 4.42Mb] and the related Policy Brief "How to better diffuse technologies in Europe" English [ - 111Kb]

(8) "Technology and Specialisation: Dilemmas, Options and Risks?" (Rapporteurs Tassos Giannitsis and Marianne Karger) English [ - 358Kb] and the related Policy Brief English [ - 140Kb]

(9) The Policy Brief "Smart Specialisation – The Concept" (Rapporteurs Dominique Foray, Paul A. David and Bronwyn Hall) English [ - 124Kb]

Policy strategy seminar "Knowledge for Growth"

The Commissioner chaired a policy strategy seminar "Knowledge for Growth" on 7 November 2007 in Brussels. The seminar was based on first three reports and brief policy documents of the Expert Group. Invitees were other Commission services and external experts. The summary of the seminar and specific contributions from speakers and participants are available below:

Final Conference "S&T policy in times of crisis: Prospects for the knowledge-based economy"

On 25 June 2009, the expert group "Knowledge for Growth" held its final conference under the title "S&T policy in times of crisis: Prospects for the knowledge-based economy". The conference dealt with the following issues:

  • How can S&T policy help to recover from a recession and to address the global systemic crises of our time (energy, environment, water, food supply)?
  • Research strategies and instruments for Europe after the crisis: Transition toward the knowledge-based economy, the role of innovation diffusion and smart specialisation

Conference documentation (including conference rationale, programme, contributions of speakers and discussants and list of participants) English[ - 904Kb].

Final Publication: Selected papers from Research Commissioner Janez Potočnik's Expert Group English[ - 435Kb].

For further information please contact the scientific secretary of the K4G expert group:



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