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Investing in European Research

Welcome to the "Investing in Research" Website of the European Union!

The progress of science and technology is crucial:

  • To help European companies innovate and stay competitive
  • To create more and better jobs in Europe
  • And to keep improving the European way of life

This is why the European Union decided that investment in research should increase in Europe. At present, less than 2% of Europe's wealth (GDP) is devoted to research, which compares poorly with 2.5% in the USA and more than 3% in Japan.

Our goal is to approach 3% of GDP for research. This is an important part of the so-called "Lisbon strategy", which consists of a Partnership between the European Union and Member States to transform Europe in a vibrant knowledge economy, in order to boost economic growth, create more and better jobs and ensure lasting prosperity in Europe.

However, since the 3% goal was set in 2002, progress has remained too slow. Yet many concrete measures have been taken by the European Union, as well as by countries and regions, to increase investment in research, which make the "3% objective" a very much alive and exciting venture.

Our initiatives for investing in research are closely linked with actions to promote innovation in Europe. On 12 October 2005, the European Commission proposed a "Common Approach" to promote both research investment and innovation.

On the 3% Website, you will find the following information:

  • Latest news and events
  • EU proposals and initiatives to promote investment in research
  • EU funding schemes
  • National and regional policies
  • Coordination of policies
  • Monitoring and analysis

Actions related to innovation are briefly presented on this site. More details can be found on the Innovation websites (European Innovation Portal on CORDIS and European Innovation Policy on Europa).

Enjoy your visit - and please give us your feedback!


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