New article by Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado: "The EU urban policy in the period 2007–13: lessons from the Spanish experience"

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    2 July 2018 - updated 2 years ago
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Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado
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In her recent article published in the journal "Regional Studies, Regional Science" (open access), Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado investigates the key instruments and programmes of Spanish urban policy co-funded by EU Structural Funds. The article provides a detailed analysis of the so-called Iniciativa Urbana (IU) implemented between 2007 and 2013. It aims at informing the ongoing development of a Spanish Urban Agenda and the Europe-wide debate on the post-2020 cohesion policy and its urban dimension.

Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, assistant professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,  has been supporting the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Urban Poverty in the finalisation of the Action Plan.