1.    Why do I need to register for Futurium?

All information about the Urban Agenda for the EU as well as about the Partnerships is available and public. However, if you want to make a comment, start a discussion, like a publication, receive the newsletter, in other words, if you want to go beyond being a passive reader and become an active participant, you need to register first!

2.   How do I register for Futurium?

All you need to do is go to "Register here" and fill in the short registration form that appears. Once completed check your mailbox. You will receive a confirmation email with your user name, password and an activation link. Click on it and you are in!


How do I register for Futurium?


3.  What can I do on Futurium?

As indicated in Question 1, Futurium offers a wide range of options for you to interact and contribute to the development of the Urban Agenda for the EU. Remember that the only condition to do so is be logged in!

3.1    Leave a comment

Futurium allows you to leave a comment on any news article, event item or document that you can see online. When logged in, just scroll down the page, write your thoughts in the section “Comments” and save.


Leave a comment


3.2  Start a discussion

Futurium is about interaction, exchange and collaboration. Therefore, discussions are a key part of the website. You find the option “Join a discussion” in the main tab of all Partnerships. When you select this, you see a list with all the discussions already existing and also a button to create a new one. You may join those on-going simply making a comment (as indicated in point 3.1) and click on the yellow button to start a new thread.

Please remember the general code of conduct for all content you publish:

Futurium provides a forum for registered users to exchange personal and professional views on the Urban Agenda process in utmost transparency and with all due respect to people’s dignity. Please note that any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal content published by users on Futurium is prohibited and will be removed. Commercial and promotional content for any service or product is unwelcome and will be removed. We urge you to stick to a generally acceptable and respectful communication conduct on this platform. In addition, we encourage you to keep your comments at a reasonable length to stimulate interaction.


Start a discussion


3.3  Like a publication

Express yourself by voting on the different publications. Futurium allows you to express how much you agree, support or like what is being shared on a one to five thumps-up scale.


Like a publication


3.4  Subscribe to Notifications

If you want to stay informed and follow the news about the Partnership(s) of your interest, you just need to click on “follow”. By doing that, you will receive notifications with the highlights on the topics of your choice.


Subscribe to Notifications


4.  Is it possible to share content from Futurium on social media?

Yes! All documents shared on Futurium (news, events, infographics, reports, etc.) can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and by email. You cannot only share your favourite items, but we also encourage you to do it as often as possible. Also, remember to follow us on Twitter



Is it possible to share content from Futurium on social media?


5.  Can I know what is upcoming even if I am not registered?

All information saved on Futurium is public and available. If you want to know what is going on, you can get an overview on the introduction page (look for the symbol  in the upper tab) and more detailed information in the sections for “Events”, “News” and “Action plan”.


home icon


Can I know what is upcoming even if I am not registered?


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