Draft Action Plan is now available online!

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    15 June 2018 - updated 2 years ago
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The Climate Adaptation Partnership is paving the way towards the Final Action Plan. The Partnership just finalised their Draft Action Plan containing 11 actions. See the Draft Action Plan here.

Also, visit the Action Plan section for a summary visualisations of actions:


  • R1 Revision of urban development and planning regulation tools with focus on national, regional and local climate adaptation action and stressing case studies and good practice examples
  • R2 Further engagement of national municipality associations as key facilitators and relevant Covenant of Mayors Supporters to best support local authorities in their adaptation process


  • F1 Guidelines and toolkit for the economic analysis of adaptation projects
  • F2 Recommendations for the OPs of the ERDF in order to improve its accessibility for municipalities
  • F3 A new LIFE for urban adaptation projects
  • F4 Further support for the drafting of local adaptation plans – e.g. through the integration of specific provisions for smaller municipalities in existing calls


  • K1 Improving data accessibility for EU Municipalities in the framework of COPERNICUS
  • K2 Enhancing the urban content of Climate-ADAPT
  • K3 Political training academy on climate adaptation
  • K4 Enhancing citizen and stakeholder involvement at regional and local levels for climate adaptation urban agenda
  • K5 Promote open access of insurance data for climate risk management