The Partnership on Circular Economy present during EU Green Week

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    23 April 2018 - updated 3 years ago
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The Partnership on Circular Economy has been invited to organize a session during EU Green Week, which will take place in Brussels from the 22nd to the 24th of May. The session will be on “Cities needs in transition to a Circular Economy” and take place on the opening day of the Green Week at 16:30. We welcome you all to join us during this session!  


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In the session, the draft action plan will be presented and we will have two separate roundtable discussions on two separate topics. The first will concern governance in a circular city and how cities need to organise their work towards a circular economy. The second roundtable discussion will take a closer look at the role of collaborative economy in a circular economy.

Together with the rest of the “Green” Partnerships, the Circular Economy Partnership will also be present at the Urban Agenda for the EU stand, to discuss our Action plan with interested participants. We hope that you will pay the stand a visit to hear more about the Action plan and all the exciting work that is ahead of us.

We warmly welcome all feedback, comments and views on the cities role in the transition to a circular economy.

Looking forward to seeing you all during the EU Green Week!


More information on the Green Week 2018 here.

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