Shaping the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI together

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    28 October 2019 - updated 1 year ago
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Six tips for providing your feedback to the Piloting of the Assessment List


We are now at the final stages of shaping the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

The work of the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG) resulted in the development of seven key requirements that took on a leading role in the international conversation on AI Ethics. Our common wish is to provide a concrete guide on the implementation of these requirements. To that end, we launched a far-reaching and in-depth piloting process.  

Over 450 entities are already signed up via the European AI Alliance to partake in the piloting of the Assessment List that accompanies the Ethics Guidelines with the number of newcomers steadily increasing.

The piloting and the feedback gathered through this process will allow the AI HLEG to gain a better understanding of how the Assessment List can be improved. It will also indicate where specific tailoring of the Assessment List is needed given AI’s context-specificity. The piloting process runs until the 1st of December, and we are looking forward to getting as many submissions as possible.

So, what should you bear in mind during your submission process?

1. You will receive an email link to the online questionnaire right after your registration for the piloting.

2. There are two context-specific surveys: one for developers and deployers, and one for general stakeholders. Make sure you choose the one that is correct for you!

3. Give it the focus it deserves. There are multiple in-depth questions and to answer thoughtfully can take time.

4. Don’t be afraid to share your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions in the sections that are prepared for this. We are looking towards your expert feedback in this piloting exercise and all information will get read and processed.

5. Feel free to answer questions even if you have not yet completed these stages in the actual development of your product. You will still be able to provide insight as to whether or not the Assessment List was useful to your thinking and process.

6. If you have multiple use cases you can submit one questionnaire for each use case.

This piloting process is part of a unique opportunity to provide direct feedback to the AI HLEG and the European Commission on the Assessment List. The input received so far is already taken into consideration and shaping the final outcome.

Given the tight timeline, it would be beneficial to send your feedback as soon as possible to make sure that is well integrated.



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