Territorial typologies manual - acknowledgements

This Methodological manual on territorial typologies provides information that data suppliers concerned with subnational statistics within the European Union (EU) need to ensure coherency and comparability. It also helps end-users understand and interpret the wide range of official statistics that are available at a subnational level for different areas and regions of the EU.

The publication marks an important milestone as it reflects legislative developments — through an initiative called Tercet — which integrated the most relevant territorial typologies into a consolidated and amended NUTS Regulation at the start of 2018.

Editorial team: Valeriya Angelova-Tosheva and Oliver Müller (Eurostat, Unit E.4., Regional statistics and geographical information)

The editors would like to take the opportunity to thank to those colleagues who were closely involved in the publication’s preparation, namely: Filipe Alves, Teodora Brandmüller, Jorge Calvo, Michael Harrop, Åsa Önnerfors, Jørgen Rasmussen and Petronela Reinecke (Eurostat, Unit E.4., Regional statistics and geographical information); Lewis Dijkstra and Hugo Poelman (Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Unit B.1., Economic analysis), Catherine Coyette and Annika Johansson (Eurostat, Unit B.4.: Dissemination and user support).

Production: Giovanni Albertone, Simon Allen and Andrew Redpath (Informa s.à r.l.)

Map production: Jorge Calvo, Michael Harrop and Jørgen Rasmussen (Eurostat, Unit E.4., Regional statistics and geographical information)

Copyright for maps — administrative boundaries: © EuroGeographics, © UN-FAO, © Turkstat

The boundaries and names shown and the designations used in the maps do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the European Union.