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Glossary:Continuing vocational training survey (CVTS)

The continuing vocational training survey, abbreviated as CVTS, was the first European Union-wide survey on continuing vocational training in enterprises carried out by Eurostat. It is part of the European Union (EU) Statistics on lifelong learning. CVTS collects information on enterprises’ investment in the continuing vocational training of their staff. Continuing vocational training (CVT) refers to education or training measures or activities which are financed in total or at least partly by the enterprise (directly or indirectly).

Information available from the CVTS covers the following topics:

  • Provision of CVT courses and other forms of CVT (training/non-training enterprises)
  • CVT strategies
  • Participants in CVT courses
  • Costs of CVT courses
  • Time spent in CVT courses
  • Characteristics of CVT courses
  • Assessment of CVT activities

CVTS 1 (reference year 1993) was of pioneering nature. Results are not any longer disseminated online but are available here.

CVTS 2 (reference year 1999) was carried out under a gentlemen’s agreement between countries and Eurostat in 15 Member States.

CVTS 3 (reference year 2005) was the first CVTS underpinned by European legislation – Regulation (EC) No 1552/2005. This regulation makes it a mandatory EU survey that is conducted every 5 years.

Further rounds of CVTS for which data are available are CVTS 4 (reference year 2010) and CVTS 5 (reference year 2015).

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