Soil salinisation

How to maintain agricultural productivity by preventing, reducing or adapting to soil salinity?

The final report of this Focus Group has been published.

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  • Make an inventory of European areas affected by soil salinisation and the current agricultural practices in these areas.
  • Identify and assess the sustainability of good and innovative farming practices from various paedoclimatic contexts within the EU, which can prevent and reduce the threat of soil salinisation or control its negative effects.
  • Explore opportunities to add market value to locally adapted varieties which are (more) tolerant to salt stress so as to compensate yield reduction.
  • Discuss the potential of minor crops with increased tolerance to salt stress.
  • Propose potential innovative actions and ideas for Operational Groups.
  • Identify needs from practice and possible gaps in knowledge concerning soil salinisation which may be solved by further research.


Other information:

Focus Group members:

Surname, first name Profession Country
Amezketa Lizárraga, María Esperanza
Researcher Spain
Canfora, Loredana Researcher Italy
Cunha Brito Ramos, Tiago
Researcher Portugal
de Vos, Arjen
Researcher Netherlands
Falsone, Gloria Researcher Italy
Gonçalves, Maria
Researcher Portugal
Gould, Iain Researcher United Kingdom
Hristov, Biser
Researcher Bulgaria
Jung, Stephan
Researcher Germany
Maggio, Albino Researcher Italy
Mastrorilli, Marcello
Researcher Italy
Núñez, Montserrat
Researcher Spain
Paz, Ana
Researcher Portugal
Prins, Peter Adviser Netherlands
Saraiva Castanheira, Nádia Luísa
Researcher Portugal
Tamvakidis, Stylianos
Researcher Greece
Thompson, Rodney
Researcher Spain
Tóth, Tibor Researcher Hungary
de Vries, Tineke Farmer Netherlands
Zambujo, Jorge Adviser Portugal
Facilitation team
Costantini, Edoardo
Coordinating expert Italy
García Lamparte, Andrés Manuel
Task manager Spain
Didicescu, Sergiu Paul
Backup Romania

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