Pests and diseases of the olive tree

How to increase the sustainability of olive growing, taking into account the risks brought by pests and diseases?

The final report of this Focus Group has been published. 


  • Make an inventory of the main pests and diseases affecting the olive tree, including their geographical distribution and economic impact.
  • Summarise, where possible, how expected climatic changes are likely to impact the distribution and occurrence of such pests and diseases as well as their impact on olive growing, regarding current practices, socio-economic results and environmental conditions.
  • Take stock of good farming practices across different regions in Europe regarding the whole cycle of diseases and pests in olive production, including IPM strategies and organic olive production. The Focus Group should take into account the experiences of farmers and advisers as well as the findings of potential innovation activities carried out by EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and research projects in this field.
  • Explore potential solutions to manage pests/diseases based on agro-ecological principles such as biodiversity.
  • Discuss these practices and highlight both existing success and fail factors in pest/disease management in olive production, including the socio-economic dimension.
  • Identify needs from practice and possible gaps in knowledge which may be solved by further research.
  • Suggest innovative solutions and provide ideas for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and other innovative projects.


Other information:

Focus Group members:

Surname, first name

Profession Country
Alarcon Roldan, Ricardo
Civil servant Spain
Álvarez, Belén
Researcher Spain
Bernardo, Umberto
Researcher Italy

Brito, António

Farmer Portugal

Canale, Marion

Other France
Couanon, Willy
Adviser France
Ferrara, Vincenza
Farmer Italy
Gkisakis, Vasileios
Researcher Greece

Gouveia, Ana

Farmer Portugal
Kabourakis, Emmanouil
Researcher Greece
Martinez Ferrer, Maria Teresa
Researcher Spain
Milonas, Panagiotis
Researcher Greece
Nigro, Franco
Researcher Italy
Nobre, Tania
Researcher Portugal
Olivares, Juan
Adviser Spain
Pascual, Susana
Researcher Spain
Santos, Sónia
Researcher Portugal
Tinelli Roncalli, Fabio
Farmer Italy
Warlop, François
Researcher France

Facilitation team

Landa Del Castillo, Blanca
Coordinating expert Spain
Didicescu, Sergiu
Task manager Romania
García Lamparte, Andrés M.
Backup Spain

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