Content media

This composition makes use of the media container and brings additional details through the usage of paragraphs, optionally to be followed by a link where users can find further information about the content in question.


Anatomy of content media
  • mandatory
  • optional
headingnotitle of the composition
media containeryesa media container is used to display media items (video, audio, image or other data) with an optional caption
paragraph titlenotitle of the paragraph
paragraphyesparagraph / simple rich text
link / CTA linknolink to either internal or external source (default label: "Read more", can be overwritten to indicate what CTA or the following system actions)


  • always place at the top of the page
  • always include thumbnails
  • select an appropriate image or video thumbnail, that is suggestive, complementary and relevant for the related content
  • make sure that the height of the text does not exceed the height of the media container


  • don't use a CTA link if the page already contains one
  • don't use more than one composition on a single page
  • don't choose images which are too complex to be distinguished in thumbnail size

When to use

  • whenever there is a need to display a media file with a paragraph
  • when a page can benefit from added visual appeal
  • when the media file is complementary to the content available on that page

When not to use

  • do not use when you only need to display the media without the paragraph, use Media container instead


  • harmonised group 2
    • placement at the top of the page is optional
    • you can use more than one composition per page
    • if using links in multiple compositions, keep only the most important link as Call-to-action link (while leaving the rest as regular links)

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