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Peer review meeting on the use of web-based tools for OSH risk assessment on 2-3 October

The Peer review meeting on risk assessment was organised under the Mutual Learning programme, and was hosted by the Irish Health and Safety Authority.


Learning Exchange on ‘Segmentation – tailoring online services for the unemployed’, Manchester, UK, 4-5 December 2017

With the introduction of Universal Credit in the UK, the delivery model financial support for unemployed is radically changing. To ensure that this new delivery model maintains current performance, provides a tailored service for the unemployed and does this without additional resource, it will have to increasingly rely on automation and build a more effective diagnostic approach for caseworkers. Effective and efficient segmentation will be key to deliver this increasingly automated yet tailored approach.


Learning Exchange on ‘Improving measures for integration of the long-term unemployed into the labour market’, Zagreb, Croatia, 9-10 November 2017

While Croatia has taken a number of steps to integrate the long-term unemployed (LTU) into the labour market, the rate of unemployment for this group remains high. The Employment Committee (EMCO) has indicated room for improvement, in particular through the involvement of employers, the exchange of information and PES capacity.


Peer Review ‘Towards a more dynamic collective bargaining’, Lisbon, Portugal, 23-24 October 2017

Following recent labour market reforms in Portugal, the extension by administrative decision of collective agreements and the expiration or renewal of collective agreements have been contentious issues in the Portuguese industrial/ labour relations debate.


Peer Review on ‘Joint operation groups between public agencies – an effective tool to prevent and tackle undeclared work’, Oslo, Norway, 25-26 September 2017

In some sectors undeclared work has increasingly become a challenge. Individuals and businesses that systematically breach legislation have a disruptive effect on all working life. Social fraud, violation of tax regulation and other forms of irregular activities are ever more organised and often contain cross-border elements. Cooperation between national public agencies and across borders is necessary to combat the proliferation of undeclared work.

Businessman with seven arms holding an landline telephone, a mobile phone, a tablet, a clock, a cup of coffee and a spanner 14/11/2016

Peer Review on ‘Human Capital in Poland – labour market research project for 2016-2023', Warsaw, Poland, 14-15 November 2016

An adequate balance between skills and job needs depends on the provision of quality education and training, as well as adequate information on the current demand for skills. The aim of this Peer Review was to present how the Polish authorities monitor skill needs in the labour market in order to reduce skill mismatches.


Peer Review on ‘Approaches to integrate long-term unemployed persons', Berlin, Germany, 13-14 October 2016

The aim of this Peer Review was to present the German approaches to integrate long-term unemployed persons.


Learning Exchange on 'Integration of young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs)'

The Mutual Learning Programme organised a Learning Exchange focused on supporting the integration of young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs) on the 27th and 28th of September 2016 in Brussels (Belgium).


Peer Review on 'Methods for forecasting skills needs for the economy', Dublin, Ireland, 13-14 June 2016

This Peer Review presented the Irish methods for forecasting skills. It addressed the techniques used in different countries to generate estimates on future demand for skills and the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to facilitate improvements in practices at the EU and national level.


Peer Review on 'Labour market inclusion of international protection applicants and beneficiaries', Madrid, Spain, 23-24 May 2016

The current refugee crisis is stressing the mechanisms in European countries to deal with asylum requests and general migration on economic grounds. This Peer Review presented the specific Spanish experience on labour integration of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection.

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