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Peer Review on Youth unemployment: how to prevent and tackle it?

This Peer Review discussed the Dutch approach for the prevention of youth unemployment with a particular focus on how to provide high quality education that addresses labour market needs and regional approaches to reduce early school leaving and tackling youth unemployment.


Evaluation of Labour Market Policies and Programmes: the use of data-driven analysis

The Peer Review investigated how administrative data can be used to conduct labour market policy evaluations, alone or in combination with other methods, as well as issues related to access, availability and quality of data and basic infrastructure needs.


Tackling undeclared work: developing an effective system for inspection and prevention

The Peer Review investigated some of the common causes of undeclared work across European countries and the range of related measures, from prevention and deterrence, through to detection, negotiation and finally action. Particular emphasis was put on the role of labour inspectorates.


The dual training system: Integration of young people into the labour market

The Peer Review explored two measures specifically designed to support the integration of disadvantaged young people into the German ‘dual training’ system (apprenticeship system) with a view to promoting smooth school to work transitions.


Extending Working Life: The tripartite cooperation and the role of the Centre for Senior Policy

The Peer Review focused on Norway’s experience with the Centre for Senior Policy (CSP), a tripartite organisation which aims to catalyse efforts to implement ‘active ageing’ policies at various levels and to raise awareness of the critical contribution of older workers in the labour market.


Activation measures in times of crisis: the role of public works

The Peer Review focused on the lessons learnt from the programme “Workplace with Stipend Emergency Public Works Programme” (WWS) which was introduced as a crisis measure by the Latvian public authorities in cooperation with the World Bank.


Pathways to support young people into self-employment

The Peer Review papers focus on two examples of measures adopted in Spain to tackle youth employment, either by encouraging young jobseekers to become self-employed or by providing incentives for employers to hire young people.


Scheme for the Job Placement and Training of Tertiary-Education Graduates

The Peer Review focused on the ‘Scheme for the Job Placement and Training of Tertiary Education Graduates’ put in place by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) with a view to supporting the integration of highly qualified young people into the labour market.


Evaluation of Labour Market Policies and Programmes: methodology and practice

The Peer Review explored the practice followed by the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in evaluating their labour market and employment support policies and programmes and the use of the resulting evidence to inform policy development.


Interventions for employment and economic development

The Peer Review looked at how local economic and employment development plans can be combined to achieve successful labour market integration and business support, based on two programmes implemented in a range of Italian regions (co-funded by Structural funds).

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