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Moving & working in Europe

  • 21/03/2018

    The European jobs network in 2017

    The European jobs network in 2017 in a nutshell

  • 21/03/2018

    The practitioner's guide to EURES

    Everything you need to know about the new EURES regulation

    This guide will be useful for people within the EURES network. It will also be useful for people who work with EURES in public authorities, for public employment services (PES), career guidance offices and other multipliers and stakeholders who want to know more about the changes taking effect in EURES. The guide aims to explain the changes resulting from the new EURES Regulation and how these will develop the scope and capacity of the EURES network with the objective of transforming EURES into a real pan-European labour market recruitment tool. More info on the European jobs network in 2017.

  • 28/02/2018

    2017 annual report on intra-EU labour mobility

    In 2016 some 11.8 million EU citizens of working age were living in an EU country other than their own. This report presents an overview of mobility and its characteristics within the EU and the EFTA countries. In addition, the report focuses this year on the gender dimension of mobility, language and other barriers to cross-border mobility in neighbouring regions; and at the mobility of health professionals.

  • 08/11/2017

    Drop’pin@EURES is for education providers

    Are you an education provider in Europe? Could your students benefit from post-school apprenticeships, traineeships or internships? Are they looking to improve their skills to boost their employment chances? Then Drop’pin@EURES is the place for you – and them.

    Drop’pin@EURES is an online platform where young Europeans can discover opportunities to improve their employability, and bridge the gap between education and a future career. Encourage your students to access everything that Drop’pin@EURES has to offer and you’ll be helping them to develop their skills, gain valuable experience and maximise their employability.

  • 08/11/2017

    Drop’pin@EURES is for organisations

    Do you want to help young people to develop the skills of the future? To publish your youth opportunities easily online? To find the perfect future employees? Then Drop’pin@EURES is the place for you.

    Drop’pin@EURES is an online platform where you can publish and promote your youth opportunities, browse the CVs of potential young employees and showcase the good that your organisation does. Hundreds of corporations, SMES, NGOs, school and other education providers are already a part of the Drop’pin@EURES network – join them now and help shape the future of the European labour market.