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FEAD Network

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The FEAD Network is an open membership community for people providing assistance to the most deprived in Europe.

This includes EU level NGOs and EU institutions, organisations interested in or delivering FEAD-funded activities and national Managing Authorities.

The FEAD Network brings together those working to reduce the worst forms of poverty in European countries. It provides a space for good practice to be shared and encourages new ideas for how to provide non-financial assistance to the most deprived persons in the EU.

FEAD Network topics

The Network discusses all aspects of planning, managing and delivering activities across Europe. Conversations within the FEAD Network cover themes such as child poverty, issues relating to migration, access to social services, housing and assistance for older people.

Knowledge exchanges in the FEAD Network also address the best way to implement the Fund and surrounding activities. Discussion topics help the Network to find the most effective ways to engage stakeholders, select projects for funding and identify beneficiaries.

How does the FEAD Network interact?

The aim of the FEAD Network is to support the exchange of experience, capacity-building and networking among organisations implementing FEAD-related activities.

Organisations working to deliver FEAD initiatives take part in face-to-face Network meetings to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of FEAD-related topics.

The FEAD Network also interacts virtually to share tools and resources to assist with delivery of the Fund. Through the virtual community, the FEAD Network is building a bank of knowledge and good practices to allow those who work to deliver FEAD’s national programmes to continually improve.

How can I join?

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