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(Updated 2016)

Sometime in your life you may be in need of the support provided by social security benefits. If you are living in the country where you were born and satisfy the qualifying conditions, you will be entitled to receive support. But you also have the right to receive benefits if you are a national of any EU country and move to another part of the EU. The information below sets out when you are eligible for benefits, what you are entitled to and how to go about claiming it.

Benefits for families with children
Maternity and paternity benefits and leave
Benefits for guardians, foster families and adopters

Healthcare (veselības aprūpe)
Sickness benefits (Slimības pabalsti)

Disability pension (Invaliditātes pensija)
Benefits for disabled persons (Pabalsti personām ar invaliditāti)
Compensation for workplace accidents or work-related illnesses (Kaitējuma atlīdzība sakarā ar nelaimes gadījumu darbā vai arodslimību)

Old-age and survivors
Old-age pension (Vecuma pensija)
Survivor's pension (Apgādnieka zaudējuma pensija)
Funeral benefits (Apbedīšanas pabalsti)

Social assistance
Long-term social care services (Ilgstošās sociālās aprūpes un sociālās rehabilitācijas pakalpojumi)
Minimal resources benefits (Pabalsti garantētā minimālā ienākumu līmeņa nodrošināšanai)l

Unemployment benefits (Bezdarbnieka pabalsti)

Moving abroad
Social insurance period in a foreign country

Main residence
Place of permanent residence