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Database of labour market practices

Database of national practices on European employment policies and measures

This database gathers practices in the field of employment submitted by European countries for the purposes of mutual learning. These practices have proven to be successful in the country concerned, according to its national administration. The European Commission does not have a position on the policies or measures mentioned in the database.

Database of national labour market practices - Step-by-Step Guide

Database of national labour market practices - Summary fiche template

English Title Original Title Country Start Year End Year
Click to view record Gijón Youth Activation Agency Agencia de Activación Juvenil Spain 2013 Ongoing Young people, labour market integration, activation, work placement
Click to view record The Occupational Compass Yrkeskompassen Sweden 2008 Ongoing Occupational forecasts
Long term occupational forecasts
Short term occupational forecasts
Regional forecasts
Job opportunities
Educational and vocational guidance
Increased mobility
Click to view record Introduction Programme Etableringsuppdraget Sweden 2010 Ongoing Labour market policy, Introduction Programme, refugee policy, integration policy, asylum seeker
Click to view record National Minimum Wage (NMW) National Minimum Wage (NMW) United Kingdom 1999 Ongoing Minimum wage; low pay; minimum labour standard; social partnership; statutory wage regulation
Click to view record National Skills Database (NSD) National Skills Database (NSD) Ireland 2003 Ongoing evidence-based policy, data analysis, skills supply, skills demand, skills shortages, skill needs, skills strategy, anticipation, education, career guidance
Click to view record Occupational training without commencing employment Stručno osposobljavanje za rad bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa (SOR) Croatia 2010 Ongoing Work based training; youth employment
Click to view record Building Bridge to Education Brobygning til Uddannelse Denmark 2013 Ongoing Young people, transitions, education and training, bridge programmes, mentor,
Click to view record Training Vouchers for personalised training provision. Koolituskaart. Estonia 2009 Ongoing Upskilling, Unemployed Adults, Training, Education, Vouchers.
Click to view record Lifelong Career Guidance Centre (LLCG centre) Centar za informiranje i savjetovanje o karijeri (CISOK) Croatia 2013 Ongoing lifelong career guidance, CISOK, NEET, youth, partnership 
Click to view record Career Start Programme, Component 1 Programa Start na karierata , Komponent 1 Bulgaria 2003 Ongoing Young people, Unemployed university graduates, Transition from education to employment, Work experience, Career opportunities, Public administration.
Click to view record Motivational study course in folk high schools Studiemotiverande folkhögskolekurs (SMF) Sweden 2010 Ongoing Young people, education and training,  motivational study course,  adult education, liberal education, folk high school, transitions, lifelong learning .
Click to view record The Work Programme The Work Programme United Kingdom 2011 2017 Unemployed Adults, Conditionality, Payment-by-results
Click to view record On the job training. Usposabljanje na delovnem mestu. Slovenia 1991 Ongoing On-the-job training, unemployed persons, mentor, employment, Upskilling, Unemployed adults, training
Click to view record Dote Unica Lavoro, a Re-Employment and Re-qualification endowment programme Dote Unica Lavoro Italy 2013 Ongoing Employment, accreditation, services, training, results, cluster, placement, agencies
Click to view record Free Childcare Scheme Childcare b’Xejn Malta 2014 Ongoing Free Child Care; Working Mothers; Making Work Pay; Work-Life Balance, Private-Public-Partnerships, Women in the labour market.
Click to view record ‘POE collective’: Collective operational preparation for employment Préparation Opérationnelle à l’emploi Collective France 2009 Ongoing Vocational training, long term unemployed
Click to view record Labour market training programme with Swedish for immigrants Arbetsmarknadsutbildning med Sfi Sweden 2010 Ongoing Immigrants, Upskilling, Vocational Training, Unemployed Adults, Language Courses, Integration Policy, Labour Market Integration.
Click to view record Voucher for Self-Motivated Studies in Liberal Adult Vapaan sivistystyön opintoseteliavustus Finland 2007 Ongoing Study voucher, Disadvantaged groups, Non-formal adult education, Educational equality, Upskilling, Unemployed, Adults, Training, Education
Click to view record Quality control of childcare facilities Kwaliteitscontrole in de Kinderopvang Netherlands 2005 Ongoing Women; childcare; quality; female labour participation; work life balance; working parents; working mothers; quality childcare
Click to view record Voucher for the entry to the labour market of young unemployed up to 29 years of age Επιταγή Εισόδου στην Αγορά Εργασίας για Ανέργους νέους ηλικίας έως 29 ετών Greece 2013 Ongoing

Youth employment, on-the-job training, theoretical training, courses, guidance and mentoring, matching of labour demand and supply, first job experience.

Click to view record JobBridge JobBridge Ireland 2011 Ongoing Activation, Employment, Internship, Training, Skills
Click to view record Integration Subsidy Eingliederungsbeihilfe Austria 1997 Ongoing Active labour market policy, subsidy to employer.
Click to view record Entrepreneur support contract Contrato de apoyo a emprendedores (CAE) Spain 2012 Ongoing Entrepreneurs, activation, young people, probationary period, hiring subsidies, tax rebates, segmentation, duality.
Click to view record Adult Apprenticeships Voksenlærlingeordningen Denmark 1997 Ongoing Adult apprentice, work-based training, apprenticeship contract, vocational qualification, employer subsidy, minimum wage
Click to view record Promoting employment of disadvantaged unemployed persons Spodbujanje zaposlovanja težje zaposljivih brezposelnih oseb Slovenia 2009 Ongoing Employment, Subsidies, Disadvantaged workers.
Click to view record Jobs for the future Emplois d’avenir France 2012 Ongoing young people; youth employment; subsidised job contracts; integration into work; insertion policies
Click to view record Letter Project Märgukirja Projekt Estonia 2003 Ongoing

undeclared work; undeclared wages; control; labour inspection; sanctions; illegal employment

Click to view record Perspective 50plus - Employment Pacts for Older People in the Regions Perspektive 50plus - Beschäftigungspakte für Ältere in den Regionen Germany 2005 Ongoing

older workers; employability; lifelong learning; PES; labour market participation

Click to view record Graduate Talent Pool Graduate Talent Pool United Kingdom 2009 Ongoing

young people; youth unemployment; access to employment; internships; work experience; employability skills

Click to view record Visitation process Visitas Norway 2010 Ongoing

PES; Mutual learning; Peer to peer; Labour market functioning

Click to view record Work Experience Programme for Young People WerkInleving voor Jongeren (WIJ) Belgium 2013 2015

Youth unemployment; Low-skilled; Vocational training; Apprenticeships; Long-term unemployment

Click to view record Youth Guarantee Nuorisotakuu Finland 2013 Ongoing

NEETs; Youth unemployment; Active labour market policies; VET; Social inclusion

Click to view record Youthreach Youthreach Ireland 1988 Ongoing

Early school leavers; Further education and training; Disadvantage; Marginalisation; Social inclusion.

Click to view record Local Employability Partnerships (LEPs) Local Employability Partnerships (LEPs) United Kingdom 2010 Ongoing

labour market functioning; labour market segmentation; access to employment; local employability partnerships; labour market participation

Click to view record Scheme for the job placement and training of tertiary-education graduates Σχέδιο Στελέχωσης Επιχειρήσεων με Αποφοίτους Τριτοβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης Cyprus 1983 Ongoing

tertiary education; graduate; placement; training

Click to view record Amendments to Aliens Act Välismaalaste seaduse muudatused Estonia 2008 Ongoing

high skilled workers; immigrant workers; administrative burden; labour demand

Click to view record On-the-job training for low skilled and older workers Weiterbildung Geringqualifizierter und beschäftigter älterer Arbeitnehmer in Unternehmen Germany 2007 Ongoing

low skilled workers; older workers; adult education; on-the-job training; small and medium sized enterprises; lifelong learning

Click to view record Dedicated Personal Advisors, Pathways to Work for Lone Parents (PWLP) Dedicated Personal Advisors, Pathways to Work for Lone Parents (PWLP) United Kingdom 2007 2009

lone parents, single parents, child poverty, poverty, working parents, lone parent unemployment, lone parent poverty, single parent[s] employment

Click to view record Service vouchers for local jobs and services Het stelsel van de dienstencheques voor buurtdiensten en –banen; Le système des titres-services pour les emplois et services de proximité Belgium 2003 Ongoing

activation, undeclared labour, immigrant workers, household services, low-skilled, voucher

Click to view record Youth workshops Nuorten tyӧpajat Finland 1980 Ongoing NEETs; youth unemployment; active labour market policies; VET; social inclusion
Click to view record Workplaces with Stipend Emergency Public Works Programme (WWS) 100-Lats-programme Latvia 2009 2011

public works; unemployment; NEETs; crisis; low-skilled people

Click to view record Virtual Labour Market Platform (VLM) Virtueller Arbeitsmarkt Germany 2003 Ongoing

matching skills demand and skills supply; (re)integration in the labour market; labour market functioning; PES; labour market guidance; web-based tool

Click to view record Professional traineeship programme Programa de Estágios Profissionais Portugal 1997 2014

young people; youth unemployment; access to employment; traineeships; work experience; employability skills

Click to view record Youth Coaching Jugendcoaching Austria 2012 Ongoing

young people; NEETs; early intervention; ALMPs; active labour market policies; youth unemployment; schools; transitions; skills; guidance; counselling; outreach

Click to view record Pre-training programme (aimed at qualifying young people for apprenticeships) Einstiegsqualifizierung (EQ), between 2004-2007 known under the title Einstiegsqualifizierung Jugendlicher or EQJ Germany 2004 Ongoing

young people; youth employment; vocational training; apprenticeships

Click to view record The Memorandum of understanding on a more Inclusive Workplace (IW-agreement), Objective 3 - Raise the real (average) retirement age Intensjonsavtalen om et mer inkluderende arbeidsliv (IA) (IA-Avtalen) - Mål 3 Norway 2001 Ongoing

active ageing; senior policy; older workers; elderly workers; labour market participation; active labour market policies; centre for senior policy

Click to view record Project learning for young adults (PLYA) Projektno učenje za mlajše odrasle (PUM) Slovenia 1999 Ongoing

young people; youth employment; training; education; project based learning; social inclusion

Click to view record Temporary Subsidy Regulation to Stimulate Age-awareness policies Tijdelijke Subsidieregeling Stimuleren Leeftijdsbewust Beleid Netherlands 2004 2010

older workers; labour market participation; sustainable employability; lifelong learning; labour market segmentation

Click to view record The Acceder programme Programa Acceder Spain 2000 Ongoing

disadvantaged groups; Roma people; social inclusion; NEETs; labour market participation

Click to view record Supra-Company Training Programme Überbetriebliche Lehrausbildung (ÜBA) Austria 2008 Ongoing young people; NEETs; apprenticeships; training; ALMPs; active labour market policies; youth unemployment; schools; employment services; transitions; skills