2017 Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights


The 2017 Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights will take place in Brussels on 20 and 21 November. This year's focus will be on "Women's rights in turbulent times". The objective of the Annual Colloquium is to improve mutual cooperation and greater political engagement for the promotion and protection of key fundamental rights in the EU.

This year's Colloquium will be a forum in which political decision-makers in the European Union, representatives of civil society organisations, leading academics, businesses and trade unions, media representatives, journalists, and international organisations reflect together, from a fundamental rights perspective, on the relationship between strong fundamental rights for women, and resilient democratic societies. The wide range of topics for discussion will include the link between misogyny in society and the violation of the fundamental rights of women; women's economic and political empowerment and the key obstacles to gender equality; the international women's movement and the shrinking space for civil society; violence against women and links to other forms of violence in society; gender stereotypes, culture, and attitudes. The discussions during this event will explore avenues for action to ensure women's rights and work towards gender equality in the EU.

Last year's Colloquium, which focussed on media pluralism and democracy, led to concrete actions which are now being implemented at various levels. Information on last year's Colloquium is available here.


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20 November:

21 November:


The Commission Colloquia take the form of a round table interactive discussion with a limited number of key stakeholders to ensure that the diversity of voices around the table can be heard and in order to allow for a lively debate and an open exchange of views. Given the format of the event, participation is by invitation only.

Background documents

Gender Equality Index 2017 - European Institute for Gender Equality

Challenges to women's human rights in the EU - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

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Live streaming

Europe Room 20/11: 
Social justice and the Europe we want to live in

Europe Room 21/11 : 
Parallel session I.c: Harnessing our collective capacity to end violence against women.
Session II.a: Promoting women's rights through inclusive and sustainable civil society.


Arenberg Room 21/11:
Parallel session I.b: Women's economic empowerment: is it possible to close the gender pay gap?
Session II.b: Engendering democracy: women in the political process.


Orange Room 21/11:
Parallel session I.a: Empowering women's public voices, including online
Session II.c: Trafficking of women for labour and sexual exploitation