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DG Justice calls for projects


Grants funding to the value of €93 million for projects in the field of justice and fundamental rights: interested organisations and Member States should apply now!

DG Justice has launched six calls for action grants and is calling upon stakeholders and Member States to submit their projects. The best projects, i.e. those that contribute best to the objectives and priorities of our policies, will be selected for funding.

In total, EUR 93 039 200 will be made available for projects that implement an European policy for the following policy areas corresponding to 6 funding programmes:   

  • Fundamental Rights and Citizenship (FRC),  covering fundamental rights, European citizenship, data protection and privacy rights: EUR 20 975 000
  • Civil Justice (JCIV):  EUR 8 330 000
  • Criminal Justice (JPEN):  EUR 28 950 000
  • DAPHNE III (DAP),  combating violence against children, young people and women and to protect victims and group at risk: EUR 25 831 000
  • Drug Prevention and Information (DPIP):  EUR 4 953 200
  • Prevention of and Fight Against Crime (ISEC)-drugs, targeted call on cross-border law-enforcement cooperation in the field of drug supply reduction: EUR 4 000 000

An overview of all open call notices can be found on the DG Justice website:

The grants funding will support the EU efforts to improve European cooperation on civil and criminal law, allow people to better exercise their rights as EU citizens and promote equality. Projects will also be supported which reinforce the EU's efforts to control drugs demand and supply and combat violence against women and children and at-risk groups.   

All interested parties are invited to carefully read the call notice relevant to them and to consult the Guide for applicantspdf(291 kB) Choose translations of the previous link . For further questions, potential applicants may contact the functional mailbox mentioned in each call notice. Applications should be done through PRIAMOS, an electronic tool, where the applicant, after being registered, will find the application form to be filled out.