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The Kids' Corner


The European Union easily explained: Commission launches website dedicated to children that includes information about children's rights.

The European Commission has launched a special website – the 'Kids' Corner' – dedicated to children and young people. The website includes information about children's rights as well as games, quizzes and information about the EU and its Member States. It was first announced in the EU's Agenda for the Rights of the Child ( IP/11/156). The Kids' Corner is specifically written in a style children can understand. Children can easily learn important facts and figures about the EU, its history and its countries through games and quizzes in 22 EU languages. While Europe and its future are much discussed in the media today, it is not always easy to understand why, and how, certain decisions are made. It is clear that decisions taken on a European level have a direct influence on the daily lives of all Europeans – young and old. That is why knowledge and learning about the EU should be directed at everyone – not just adults. It is also important for young people to understand what the EU is and how it functions. The Commission therefore decided in its Agenda for the Rights of the Child to create a single entry point for children on the Europa website. The Kids' Corner offers: a 'games and quizzes' section where children can learn more about Europe in a fun way; a facts and figures section to explain what the EU is all about; a section about children's rights which contains games, videos and information designed for two separate age groups. Children and teenagers can learn about their rights, for example, the right to be heard and to receive information, and, as a result, take an active part in shaping their own future. The Kids' Corner also links up and integrates the existing website 'Teachers' Corner', which contains material so that teachers can explain how the EU was founded and how it functions. For more information: and