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Discover the winners of the European School Drawing Competition Give me 5!


The European Commission’s DG Justice and Consumers has announced the three winners of its European ‘Give me 5!’ school drawing competition.

The children, their teachers and parents from Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic have been invited to attend an award ceremony on 10 June in Athens to receive their prizes.

The children, their teachers and parents from Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic attended to receive their prizes.Children and teachers of the three winning schools attending the School drawing competition award ceremony in Athens with Lina PAPAMICHALOPOULOU, Head of Unit Non- discrimination policies and Roma coordination, DG Justice and Consumers

The three European winners are…

1st European prize-winner: Eidiko Dimotiko Sxoleio Kofon-Varukoon Panoramatos, Thessaloniki, Greece

The bridge that
unite us

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Eidiko Dimotiko Sxoleio Kofon-Varukoon Panoramatos is located in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia. Involved in the special educational support programme for integrating students with disabilities and special educational needs, the school welcomes students aged from 6 to 15 with hearing problems. The education team was particularly interested in the topic of the drawing competition and considered it a good opportunity to enhance its actions aimed at integrating children experiencing specific difficulties.

The teacher explained and discussed with 7-8 year-olds the theme of the competition. Their ideas and thoughts were shared and finally put on paper. A smaller group then designed and illustrated the drawing.

“School is a bridge which unites all culture.” 

2nd European prize-winner: Základni škola a materšká škola MILOTICE, Czech Republic

One world
for all

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The school is located in Milotice in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It welcomes children aged 6 to 15 years’ old. Základni škola Milotice is a very active school offering not only good-quality education but also numerous activities, such as a drama club, ceramics, dance classes and a choir, in order to develop other skills and knowledge. Students are also encouraged to participate in contests, recitals and art exhibits. It is therefore understandable that the education team decided to involve the children in the ‘Give me 5!’ school drawing competition.

Teachers created four groups of three children who all submitted a drawing. They started by thinking about and identifying feelings that we have in common. Children then shared tasks between them. The youngest painted the background, another child drew five portraits and a third one wrote feelings and comments onto them.

“All children experience fear, anxiety, joy, laughter, self-confidence in the same way. We are similar in this.”

3rd European prize-winner: Vásárhelyi László Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Shine, Sun!

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The school is located in north-eastern Hungary. An art school providing education in the field of dance, drama and painting, Mures László Primary Art School’s objective is to train young people to be open, tolerant, creative and sensitive to arts. The school is a dynamic institution that plays a significant role in the region as a cultural mediator. Students participate in numerous drawing competitions at regional and national level.

Teachers created five groups of three children aged 10 years’ old. They discussed the theme with their teachers and identified the things that bring them together and which are specifically important for them, such as playing music, painting, reading, riding bikes in the nature.

“We come from different places, but we share things that connect us.”

About the competition

The goal of Give me 5! school drawing competition, launched on 2 November 2015, was to help children, teachers and parents think about what we have in common that allows us to live together in an inclusive and mixed society. Children were encouraged to create the drawings together and share their experiences. Each entry was accompanied by a short description of how the children had come up with their idea and what they learned from the exercise.

The selection procedure:

  1. A total of 589 drawings were submitted by the deadline of 25 February 2016
  2. A designated jury (EC representatives, National Roma Contact points, and an NGO acting as an intermediary between Roma people in Belgium and Belgian authorities, public services, etc.) selected 19 national winners
  3. The winning drawings were published in March on the DG Justice and Consumers website and were subjected to an online public vote
  4. The jury met again on 6 April to select* the 3 overall ‘European’ winners from the 19 national entries

* Criteria for the selection: Relevance to the theme; creativity (interpretation of the theme); diversity and composition of the group (composed of Roma and non-Roma children); visual impact; and the results of the public vote were also taken into account.

About the prizes

Schools from 19 countries throughout the EU took part in the Give me 5! school drawing competition. Participation varied between countries, with very high submission numbers from Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. Many drawings were also sent in from Croatia and Slovenia. The Commission received a big variety of beautiful and creative drawings that fully reflected the theme of the competition, thus making it tough for the jury to select the three eventual winners.

The first winning school in the European competition receives a trophy and a voucher of €1000 during the award ceremony taking place at the premises of the European Parliament Information Office in Athens. The second and third prize-winners in the European competition receive, respectively, €500 and €250 to buy books and/or art materials for their pupils. Following the prize-giving ceremony, the children, teachers and parents are taking part in a programme of sightseeing and activities around the Greek capital.