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Keeping consumers safe - Results of the Rapid Alert System report 2014


Commissioner VÄ›ra Jourová announced on March 23 2015 the results of the Rapid Alert System report 2014. Nearly 2500 products, ranging from toys to motor vehicles, were either stopped before they entered the EU or removed from markets because they were dangerous for EU consumers.

The Rapid Alert System ensures that information about dangerous non-food products withdrawn from the market and/or recalled anywhere in Europe is quickly circulated between Member States and the European Commission. In this way, appropriate follow up action (ban/stop of sales, withdrawal, recall or import rejection by Customs authorities) is taken everywhere in the EU and consumers are informed. In 2014, there were 2755 such follow-up actions registered in the system.

In 2014, toys (28%) and clothing, textiles and fashion items (23%) were the two main product categories for which corrective measures had to be taken. Among the most frequently notified risks caused by these products were risk of injury, chemical risks and choking. China remains the number one country of origin in the alert system. Last year, 64% of the total number of notifications on dangerous products related to products coming from China, the same as in 2013. The European Commission collaborates closely with China to ensure that the Chinese authorities tackle any product safety issues on the ground.

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