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Public Consultation on 'working mandate' and call for the submission of information or data on the need for non-human primates in biomedical research, production and testing of products and devices

The European Commission Environment Directorate General (DG ENV) has requested the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER), to elaborate an opinion on the use of non-human primates in research.

In line to its procedures for stakeholder dialoguepdf published on 15 September 2007 that are being implemented on a pilot basis for a period of one year, the European Commission's Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General (DG SANCO) is publishing the 'working' mandate to public consultation and is issuing a call for information.

Public consultation on 'Working mandate'
DG ENV is currently revising the Directive 86/609/EEC on the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes. The revision addresses several issues including specific problems relating to the use, care and acquisition of non-human primates.
In the scope of the revision, DG ENV requested SCHER to issue a scientific opinion on the possibilities to replace the use of non-human primates. The scientific opinion would need to be available by the end of October 2008 to support the co-decisions procedure and the related discussions at the European Parliament and the Council. DG SANCO will welcome comments on the working mandate submitted with a view to ensure a high added value for the completeness and clarity of the questions. The working mandate for this request can be found herepdf.

Comments on the working mandate should be submitted by 6 June 2008 in line with the conditions pertaining to the consultation on the 'working mandate' and the treatment of submissions that are set out in chapter 3 of the Stakeholder Dialogue Procedurepdf document.

Call for information on 'the use of non-human primates'
Interested parties are invited to submit by 6 June 2008:

1) Scientific peer reviewed research papers, reviews and reports (later than 1990) on test, methodology and possible alternatives related to the use of non-human primates in biomedical research, production and testing of products and devices
2) Other credible scientific information that may not be easily available and which is directly relevant to this issue.

All information is considered public unless otherwise stated by the provider.

Guidelines for the submission of contributions, containing criteria for the call for information and guidance for submission can be found herepdf and in chapter 4 of the Stakeholder Dialogue Documentpdf.

Please put the full body of your contribution as an attachment to the electronic message.

Please include your details, organization and e-mail address in the text of the message and specify "SCHER: Tests on non-human primates – Comments on "Working" mandate and Call for Information" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Contributions should be sent to the following mailbox: Sanco-Sc8-Secretariat@ec.europa.eu

More information on the European Commission non food Scientific Committees can be found here.

Please also see the specific privacy statement pdf with regard to the processing of your personal data.



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