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Governance lunchtime debates
Institutional documents
Official documents of the Commission and the other European institutions with regard to the White Paper on Governance and its follow-up over the 2002 period, are to be found on this page. You can find older documents in the Archives section.

European Commission:

Report on European Governance + outcome public consultation
Better lawmaking
Minimium standards consultation
Impact assesment
Commission's guidelines for the collection and use of expert advise PDF (85 Kb)
Target-based tripartite contracts
Contract between the Member States, the Region or local authorities and the Commission for a more flexible implementation of the community mesures PDF (86 Kb)
Regulatory agencies
Framework with detailed criteria concerning the creation of regulatory agencies, their functioning and the control mecanisms PDF (71 Kb)
Commission's proposal for a Council Decision to amend Decision 1999/468/EC on comitology, in order to define the Commission's executive function PDF (46 Kb)
Application of Community Law (Infrigements)
Dialogue with associations of local and regional authorities


Other Institutions:

Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on the White Paper on European Governance

Opinion of the Economical Social Committee on the White Paper on European Governance

Governance lunchtime debates

In order to discuss ideas and benefit from the experience and the knowledge of various personalities, the governance team has organised a series of "lunchtime debates". All conclusions of the debates will be published on this site:

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The Convention: "Purpose and institutional architecture of the Union - a key stage for a good governance", speech from Alain Lamassoure, member of the European Convention, Brussels, 11 July 2002 document PDF [114 KB] fr

"Better law making", speech from M. Mandelkern, President of the Group advisory high level on better law making; Brussels, on 4 June 2002 document PDF [129 KB] fr

"Issues of agencies"with Professor Majone, European University Institute, Florence.Brussels, 14 may 2002 document PDF [125 KB]

"The view of the European Parliament on the White Paper on European Governance", speech by Dr. Silvia-Yvonne Kaufmann, MEP, Member of the Committee for Constitutional Affairs, Brussels, 29 January 2002 document PDF [97,2 KB]

The vision of the ESC on the White Paper",speeches from. A-M Sigmund, U.Engelen-Kefer, I. Ivoni Pari (ESC), Brussels, on 16 January 2002 document PDF [79.1 KB] fr


Other Documents


"Democratic Governance in Your Backyard Japan and the European Union" by Bernhard Zepter, Ambassador Head of the Delegation of the European Commission in Japan, presented at the workshop held at Tokyo University, Japan 22-23 January 2003 document PDF [141 KB]

European Governance- expectations and concerns, a personal vision, speech from Joorge Sampaio, President of the Portuguese Republic, European University Insitut of Florence on the occasion of the close of the commemorations of the 25th anniversary of the Institute - Fiesole, 04/10/ 2002 PT

« The role of the regions in building the Europe of tomorrow Governance and the Convention », Romano Prodi President of the European Commission, Meeting with the Presidents of the Regions of Europe- Bellagio, 15 July 2002

"LA GOVERNANCE EUROPEA", Convegno dell'Associazione Giovani Classi Dirigenti delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni, discorso di Mario Monti Commissario per la Concorrenza - Rome, 6 May 2002 document PDF [133.5 KB]it