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Consultation on audit policy - Lessons from the Crisis

Consultation on audit policy - Lessons from the Crisis

Policy field(s)
Internal Market

Target group(s)
All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from investors, lenders, management, employees, members of parliament, government authorities, regulators, auditors, tax authorities, credit rating agencies, equity analysts, regulators, business counter-parties and SMEs.

Period of consultation
From 13.10.2010 to 08.12.2010 - closed.

Objective of the consultation
The Green Paper aims to draw the lessons from the crisis with respect to the external audit of companies. In particular, the Commission is keen to discuss whether audits provide the right information to all financial actors, whether there are issues around the independence of audit firms, whether there are risks linked to a concentrated market, whether supervision at a European level might be useful and how best the specific needs of small and medium sized businesses may be met.

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Contact details
Responsible service:DG Internal market and Services, Unit F4 - Auditing
Postal address: European Commission, Auditing Unit-F4, SPA 2/JII - 01/112, BE-1049 Brussels, Belgium

Number of responses received to this consultation

Results of consultation and next steps

All responses to the Green Paper received by the Commission by 20 January, 2011 were processed for the purposes of preparing the summary of responses. Other responses are also published and will be analysed by Commission services.