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Company Reporting

The European Commission manages rules on information prepared and disclosed by EU companies, that is financial statements and non-financial information. We aim for comparable and high-quality financial information that gives a true and fair view and to enhance transparency of non-financial information, including environmental matters, social and employee aspects, respect for human rights, anticorruption and bribery issues.


Evaluation of the IAS Regulation

The European Commission is assessing the impact of IFRS within the EU against its original aims. Read more

Corporate tax transparency by multinational enterprises (all sectors)

An impact assessment is being prepared to assess whether and how to expose enterprises to more intense scrutiny on the part of authorities or by different stakeholders. Read more

Latest news

The Commission publishes the summary of responses to the Public consultation on further corporate tax transparency
European Commission launches a public consultation on disclosure of non-financial information by certain large companies (Daily News 15/01/16)
The European Commission will not propose for endorsement the interim standard on rate regulated activities, IFRS 14.
IFRS 14 is a temporary standard offering an accounting option to companies that adopt IFRS for the first time. The European Commission will not propose IFRS 14 for endorsement in the EU because very few European companies would fall within its scope. The Commission will consider any future standard on rate regulated activities for endorsement in the EU under its normal process.

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