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Prudential requirements

EU rules on capital requirements for credit institutions and investment firms aim to put in place a comprehensive and risk-sensitive framework and to foster enhanced risk management amongst financial institutions.

Legislation in force (as from 01.01.2014)

The original Capital Requirements Directives (2006/48 and 2006/49) have been replaced by a new legislative package known as “CRD IV”. The package, which applies from 1 January 2014, includes a regulation (CRR) and a directive (CRD IV). This is the third set of amendments to the original directives, following two earlier sets of revisions adopted by the Commission in 2008 (CRD II) and 2009 (CRD III).

Delegated and Implementing Acts under CRR / CRD IV

The new capital requirement rules (CRR/CRD IV) provide for the adoption of a large number of delegated and implementing acts to specify how competent authorities and market participants shall comply with the obligation laid down in the regulation and the Directive.

Repealed legislation (since 31.12.2013)

Other relevant Directives

  • Directive 2002/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16.12.2002 on the supplementary supervision of credit institutions, insurance undertakings and investment firms in a financial conglomerate