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The European economy since 2000

Digital publication on European economy

The European economy since the start of the millennium – a statistical portrait aims to show how main features of the economy of the European Union and its Member States have evolved since 2000 through a large range of statistical data and interactive visualisations.


The life of women and men in Europe

The life of women and men in Europe – Photo: ©

Explore our digital publication "The life of women and men in Europe – a statistical portrait" which compares women and men in their daily lives through short texts, interactive visualisation tools and infographics; it is available in most of official EU languages.


Air transport in the EU

Air transport in the EU

Do you know which airports in your country handle the most passengers and what the most popular destinations are? Find the answers with our interactive tool on air passenger transport in the European Union and EFTA countries in 2016.


Digital economy & society in the EU

Digital economy & society in the EU - Cover photo: © Shutterstock - copyright VLADGRIN

Explore our new digital publication on the "Digital economy & society in the EU - A browse through our online world in figures" which presents easily understandable statistics on several ICT-related topics through texts, graphs, dynamic data visualisations and an animation.