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Implementing Air Quality Legislation in the enlarged EU: Workshop on Plans and Programmes of Air Quality and National Emission Ceiling Directives

1-2 September 2004 (Borschette Room AB-OA)



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Final programme

Day 1

Jos Delbeke, DG Environment, European Commission

Giuseppe Fumarola, The European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA)

Gordon McInnes, European Environment Agency

London Calling:  London IUAPPA Workshop outcome

Richard Mills, NSCA/IUAPPA (United Kingdom)

Morning session  : Experiences with Plans and Programmes under AQ FWD

Chairman : Matti Vainio, DG Environment (European Commission)

Introduction, overview and initial experiences

Stefan Jacobi, DG Environment (European Commission)

Opportunities and constraints in delivering effective Action Planning: a  UK perspective

Nicky Woodfield, University of the West of  Enlgand(United Kingdom)

Plan for the structural improvement of the air quality and for the struggle against the global warming 2002-2010 

Gabriel Torres, Brussels Institute for the Management of the Environment (Belgium)

Afternoon session  : Air quality management - preparation and implementation of Plans and Programmes

Chairman : Peter Builtjes, VVM-CLAN/TNO, on behalf of EFCA (Netherlands)

Management of air quality improvement in several agglomerations and zones in Bavaria (Germany), including experience with a concerning Czech/German Twinning project

Reiner Strauss, Ministry of Environment, Bavaria (Germany)

Managing air quality in the City of Prague

Josef Janota, Prague Town Hall (Czech Republic)

Implementing plans and programmes under Air Quality Directives in condition of  difficult attainability of limit values: the case of Lombardy Region

Carlo Maria Marino, ARPA Lombardia (Italy)

High population density and heavy industry: the challenge for air quality management in Nordrhein Westfalen

Sabine Wurzler, LUA, Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany)

Air quality management in the region of Silesia

Dorota Kaminska, Ministry of Environment (Poland)

Air quality management in the Netherlands : PM10 in Rotterdam-Rijnmond area

Leo Hermans, DCMR Rijnmond (Netherlands)

The Austrian strategy to reduce PM: perspectives and challenges

Christian Nagl, Austrian Environmental Agency (Austria)

Local action to improve air quality : the Marseille experience

Laurent Neyer, Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and Environment PACA (France)

Day 2

Morning session: National programmes under NECD of the EU 25

Chairman: Gordon McInnes, EEA

Reporting national programmes under the NECD - experiences and outlooks

Andreas Barkman, European Environment Agency

Peter Taylor, European Topic Center for Air Quality and Climate Change

National programme of the Flanders region: burden sharing in a federal state

Bob Nieuwejaers, Ministry of the Flemish region, Environmental department (Belgium)

National programme under NECD: the Portuguese experience

Julia Seixas, New University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Ensuring consistency between different national policies in preparation of the national programme: the Slovene experience

Matej Gasperic, Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)

An integrated management of national programme under NECD and plans and programmes under AQFWD in the Czech Republic, with the practical experience from the Moravskoslezsky region

Eva Rychlikova, Ministry of Environment (Czech Republic)

Preparation of the national programme: the Hungarian experience

Robert Toth, Ministry of Environment (Hungary)

Poland : Preparation of the national programme in Poland in the light of inconsistencies between different EU requirements: a way forward

Andrzej Jagusiewicz, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (Poland)

National programme under NECD: the French experience

Marc Rico,Ministry of Ecology and sustainable development  (France)

Benedict Oudart, ,CITEPA  (France)

The NEC directive in context of national economic growth and the Lisbon agenda, climate change policies (including emission trading) and energy policies

Giuliana Gasparrini, Ministry for the Environment and Territory (Italy)

Afternoon session  : A way forward

Chairman : Peter Gammeltoft, DG ENV

US Air Quality Management: Approaches and Lessons Learned

Jake Schmidt, Center for Clean Air Policy (USA)

EU focus in 2005: CAFE:T/S on air pollution and the NEC review

Stefan Jacobi, DG ENV

and Alistair Ritchie, ENTEC (UK)

Not presented at the Workshop

Due to the limited duration of the Workshop and desire to keep national and geographical balance, not all presentations could be presented at the Workshop. Following a major objective of the Workshop to facilitate exchange of information and experience between countries, presentation below is added to the Workshop webpage.

Air quality assessment and management in Italy

Mario Cirillo, The Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services-APAT (Italy)