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People dressed in PPE for security reasons against Ebola in Sierra Leone. © European Union/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie




10/2016 Evaluation of DG ECHO’s Actions in the Field of Protection and Education of Children in Emergency and Crisis Situations (2008-2015)

Executive Summary  English   français   Español   Arabic
Report  English

01/2016 Evaluation of the use of different Transfer Modalities in ECHO Humanitarian Aid actions (2011 – 2014)

Executive Summary  English   English   English
Report  English

03/2015 Evaluation of DG ECHO’s Approach to Communication under the Humanitarian Implementation Plans (HIP)

Executive summary English 
Report English

01/2015 Commission Report to the European Parliament and the Council

Ex-post evaluation of Civil Protection Financial Instrument and Community Civil Protection Mechanism 2007-2013

Report English
Other languages

Executive summary English English English

Final report English

Case studies:

Annexes English

10/2014 Mid-term evaluation of Enhanced Response Capacity Funding

Executive summary  English English   English

Final Report  English

Annexes English

09/2014 Joint Evaluation of Drought Risk Reduction
in the Horn of Africa and DIPECHO Central
Asia and South Caucasus (2009 ‐ 2013)

Executive summary  English   English   English

Final report  English

Annexes to the final report  English


Pilot Action of EU Aid Volunteers

Final Report  English Executive Summary  English  English

06/2014 European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid

Final Report:

Volume 1 - Main Report English

Volume 2 - Annexes English



Executive summary English
Final report English


Food security and nutrition

Evaluation of European Commission integrated approach of food security and nutrition in humanitarian context Final report English
Executive Summary English


Fleet management

Final report English


Working directly with local NGOs

Final report: Evaluation of the potential effectiveness and efficiency gains of working directly with local NGOs in the humanitarian interventions of the Commission English


Humanitarian access strategies

Final report English


Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

Final report English


Legal framework

FPA 2008 - Final Report English


Participation of affected communities

Final report English


Livelihood interventions

Final report English


Disaster preparedness programme (DIPECHO)

Southern Africa & Indian Ocean English


Civil Protection


Commission evaluation of the Civil Protection Mechanism and the CP Financial Instrument 2007-2009 English PDF file- français PDF file- Deutsch PDF file
Comprehensive Staff Working Document English PDF file
Annex I: English Word document
Annex II: English PDF file
Annex III A: English PDF file
Annex III B: English PDF file


Civil Protection

Executive summary English
Final report English


EVHAC - EU Volunteers

Review concerning the establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps - Final report English


Air transport

Evaluation on the Provision of Air Transport in Support of Humanitarian Operations English
Review on the Provision of Air Transport in Support of Humanitarian Operations English
Addendum English

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