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    Vice-President Viviane Reding on electoral leave from the European Commission


    Since Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding is standing as the leading candidate of Luxembourg’s Christian-Democratic Party (CSV) in the European Parliament elections of 25 May she is taking electoral leave. This unpaid leave has been granted in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Commissioners. The leave will last until 25 May. During this time this website will (...)

  • Viviane Reding

    Fundamental Rights: Importance of EU Charter grows and gender equality sees steady progress


    The European Commission places fundamental rights at the heart of all EU policies. As a result, citizens benefit increasingly from better fundamental rights protection and European and national courts become more and more aware of the importance of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights applying it in their judgments. These are the main findings of the Commission's fourth (...)

  • Dominique Baudis

    Viviane Reding déplore le décès de Dominique Baudis et rend hommage à un grand homme


    C’est avec une profonde tristesse que j’apprends le décès de Dominique Baudis. Son action et ses combats courageux en matière de respect des droits, des libertés et son investissement dans la  promotion de l’égalité sont et resteront un exemple à suivre.

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Scales of JusticeThe Justice portfolio is new – it was only created with the start of this European Commission, under the leadership of President José Manuel Barroso, in 2010. I am thus the first EU Justice Commissioner who is also responsible for citizenship and fundamental rights. My department, the Directorate General for Justice, deals with a wide range of areas such as civil and commercial law, consumer protection legislation, data protection, criminal law, free movement of citizens and equality legislation.

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Themis (3387 istock)Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights must be more than concepts. Fundamental rights are the foundation on which the European Union is built: they must be continuously respected and protected. This commitment is laid down in the European Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights – Europe's "Bill of Rights" and the most modern codification of fundamental rights recognised in national constitutions.

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hands in the air (istock)Citizens are at the heart of the European project. The EU is not for politicians, it is for people. This principle is what guides our work here in the European Commission. The Lisbon Treaty marks a real watershed in highlighting the importance of citizens: It underscores their vital role in advancing the European project. It has given them new opportunities to address the European institutions. And it challenges the EU institutions to create a real Citizens’ Europe.

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