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Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

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Social security coordination

Zeta, a Greek citizen, moved to Germany to work there, but her husband and two children stayed in Greece. Due to a delay caused by the exchange of social security information between Greek and German institutions, it took a long time to determine which country should grant child benefits.

Which action(s) did the 2010 EU Citizenship Report foresee?

  • To improve the provision of information to citizens and develop a new system of electronic exchange of data to make the exchange of social security information more efficient in order to facilitate and speed up the calculation of the payment of social security benefits.

What progress has been made?

Work is ongoing with a view to introducing a fully operational IT system for the exchange of data between national social security institutions in the different Member States (due date 1 May 2014). All information formerly exchanged through a vast volume of paper E (European) forms will then be processed electronically.

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