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Internal Market and Services


Michel Barnier
The challenge of implementing market regulations consistently at the global level

“We must ensure rules are applied in a consistent and coherent way. This is particularly true for the EU and the US”. Speech by Vice-President Barnier at the Eurofi Financial Forum, in Milan.


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Political Transition vs Economic Transition: a foundation for future development

"Tunisia faces many challenges and the road is still long and probably bumpy, but I want to salute the tremendous capacity of the Tunisian people and its leaders to face these difficulties through dialogue." Speech by Vice-President Barnier.


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Commission services consult on cross-border mergers and divisions

The purpose of this consultation is to collect information which would allow the Commission to assess if the existing rules for cross-border operations of companies need to be changed.


Vice President Barnier
Vice President Barnier writes to European Banking Authority Chair Andrea Enria concerning potential circumvention of EU rules on bankers’ bonuses

“It is important to show a collective proactive stance on this important matter and address the claims made that the spirit – if not the letter – of Union law is being disregarded”. Letter from Vice President Barnier to Andrea Enria, Chairman of the European Banking Authority.


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The European Commission today adopted the review reports on the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS)

"This review is aimed at further enhancing the ability of the ESAs to improve the functioning of the single market for financial services and thus identifies scope for action in the short and medium term", said Commissioner Barnier


Michel Barnier
Vice-President Michel Barnier welcomes major milestone for the internal payments market with the migration to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)

Today, a big part of the Single Euro Payments Area has become reality. In all euro countries citizens have now available a common and simple way to pay at home and across borders.


SEPA: Single Euro Payments Area
Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) becomes fully operational in all Eurozone countries as per tomorrow 1 August 2014

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) creates a true European Single Market for retail payments in euro where transfers, direct debits and payments between Member States are as easy and fast as the equivalent domestic transactions. It will become fully operational in all eurozone countries on 1st August 2014.