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Horizon Europe Coordinators' Day: Grant Agreement Preparation (15 June 2022)
09.30 - 12.45 CEST (Brussels time)
Horizon Europe Coordinators' Day: Grant Agreement Preparation
  1. 09:30
    Welcome and Agenda
    Peter HÄRTWICH (RTD.H3)
  2. 09:35
    Overview of the GAP process
    Petros BELSIS (RTD.H3) [presentation]
  3. 10:20
    REA Central Validation Service: legal validation and financial capacity assessment
    Alina UNGUREANU & Alberto ROMERO QUICIOS (Central Validation Service, REA) [presentation]
  4. 11:05
    Coffee break
  5. 11:15
    Scientific/Technical description of the project: Description of Action
    Isabel VERGARA OGANDO (RTD.H3) [presentation]
  6. 12:00
    Legal and Financial aspects
    Julien DULOT (RTD.H1) & Niklas WOEHLK (BUDG.D3) [presentation]
  7. 12:45
    End of the meeting

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