Katerini ring road: Reducing traffic and saving lives

The Katerini road transport improvements will make a big difference to local residents and visitors to the city and the wider Pieria region. By diverting traffic out of the city, road accidents are expected to decrease by more than a third and journey times reduced by 25 minutes.

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The new infrastructure will reduce travel time and improve mobility and accessibility in the Pieria region, of which Katerini is the main city, with a population of more than 86 000. By enhancing the transport infrastructure, this project will play an important role in the region’s economy and public administration.

The ring-road project will create a 10 kilometre dual-carriageway, which will include an emergency lane and two lanes to increase capacity and enable cars to overtake more safely. The project will also consist of: five new junctions, two major bridges, three underpasses for local roads and initial surveying work. Also, the scheme will envisage an archaeological surveying, particularly important in this region since it can trace its history to the fifth century BC.

Safer roads, cleaner air and increasing tourism

The new infrastructure plays an important role in making Greek roads safer. Greece has made progress in reducing road fatalities, but the number of accidents is significantly higher than the European average. By reducing traffic in busy city centres and ensuring the new ring road has the standard safety features, including an emergency lane and space for overtaking, it is estimated that road accidents will be reduced by more than a third.

Road transport, particularly in cities, is one of the major sources of harmful emissions and it has a serious impact on quality of life. Reducing traffic and congestion will improve air quality for local residents. Having a healthier city also pays economic dividends, with fewer lost working days and reduced health-care costs.

Katerini is a well-known tourist city, both for Greek nationals and visitors from abroad, close to several major tourist attractions, including Mount Olympus, the ancient city of Dion and popular beaches. By diverting traffic out of the city and improving circulation, tourists should find it easier to get around, with shorter journeys and without being stuck in traffic jams.

It is estimated that 24 jobs will be created during the implementation of the project.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Ring road of Katerini” is EUR 65 500 000, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 54 774 000 from the Operational Programme “Central Macedonia - Western Macedonia - Eastern Macedonia & Thrace,” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the priority axis, “Infrastructure and accessibility services in the region of Central Madedonia”

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