Morbihan, France, develops network for sharing ‘green’ cars

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Several local authorities in the Morbihan department of Brittany are making their environmentally friendly cars available for residents to use. The car-sharing project, to be set up before summer 2021, is receiving 40 % of its funding from the ERDF.

The project aims to encourage greater use of publicly owned decarbonised vehicles – powered by batteries, hydrogen, or gas – and the department’s network of 200 recharging stations.

The carbon-free car-sharing platforms will be set up in the communes of: Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique, Arc Sud Bretagne, Questembert, Brocéliande and Île-aux-Moines.

The cars will be available to anyone wanting to make short trips of up to 6 km, such as people commuting to work and tourists.

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Programme/project: Regional programme Bretagne 2014-2020

Source article on on 01/14/2021

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