Panorama 28 - Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion, the way ahead

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Period : 2007-2013
Date : 01/12/2008

In 2006, the Council adopted the Community Strategic Guidelines which stated, “promotion of Territorial Cohesion should be part of the effort to ensure that all of Europe’s territory has the opportunity to contribute to the growth and jobs agenda”. Strategic guidelines on rural development also highlight the contribution made by related programmes to Territorial Cohesion.

The need to promote co-operation, dialogue and partnership between the different levels of government, organisations and the people implementing policy on the ground, is increasingly recognised.

Given these issues and changes brought about by recent enlargement, the need to harmonise strengths to face the challenges of a global economy and the imperative to work towards more sustainable growth, the Commission has published this Green Paper and launched its consultation phase. So what is really up for discussion?


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