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[Blog post] Company Incorporation in Vietnam: Legal Requirements for European Investors

Vietnam is a thriving market with an annual economic growth of 2.9% in 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic. It happens to be one of the few economies that has shown positive growth despite the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Such resilience has attracted investors globally, especially from European countries. European companies will be able to seamlessly operate businesses in Vietnam owing to the new EU–Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. However, setting up a company in Vietnam involves bureaucratic procedures and documentation that a prospective investor must know about.

IP diagnostic tool for SEA

The tool helps EU SMEs to analyse their business’ level of preparedness and knowledge in the field of intellectual property in South-East Asia and identify the topics on which they need further information. This test consists of sets of questions divided into three categories: IP Protection, to identify which are the most relevant IP rights to you; IP Internationalisation & Commercialisation, to assess your knowledge on how IP rights can be exploited and used for the internationalisation of your business in South-East Asia; and IP Practice, to test your general awareness in the field of intellectual property.

IP cost tool for SEA

The cost tool provides EU SMEs with a reliable overview of costs (in Euros) involved with the registration of their IP in South-East Asia. You will be able to find information regarding all fees for the registration of trade marks, patents, industrial designs, utility models and copyright.

EISMEA: Survey on trade secrets and shared data

On behalf of DG GROW, EISMEA has commissioned a study to investigate to what extent the legal protection of trade secrets can help creating a safe environment for the business-to-business data sharing. The information will help the European Commission to reflect on policy measures that intend to improve data sharing practices while protecting the economic interests of European firms. Please note: The questionnaire does not enquire into any specific trade secrets of your company or organisation. All responses will be treated confidentially and published only in aggregate anonymised form, in line with GDPR requirements. The study team hereby acts as data processor for the European Commission (who is the data controller). Deadline: 25 October 2021

Webinar Coop with the European Patent Office: From Lab to Market - Successful Technology Transfer Journeys | 19 October 14:00-16:00 CEST

Discover how patents facilitate technology transfer and promote market success! In this virtual event you will be introduced to the EPO`s new case study series with valuable insights from two successful technology transfers from European universities. Each of them will highlight how IP supported the technology transfer and commercialisation and its different roles throughout the process concluding with key takeaways for those active in the field. This webinar is part of a training collaboration between the European Patent Office and the European IP Helpdesk.