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Better cancer screening proves a game-changer

Following the publication of the Advisor’s Scientific opinion on Cancer screening in the EU, Horizon Magazine discusses the recommendations in interviews with lead Advisor Eva Kondorosi and SAPEA expert Harry de Koning.

Entangled crises: how can the EU help?

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, the war in Ukraine, refugee crises, inflation... these crises and more have recently dominated headlines. They cross national borders and sectors, are complex and long-term in nature. Evidence shows that the cascading and rippling effects of crises extend to all parts of our society and the natural environment. The European Union was never intended to be a crisis manager, but should it play a more important role in tackling crises? Should it improve its strategic crisis management, and if so, how? What solutions are suggested by the latest scientific evidence? What ethical considerations should be taken into account in preparation and management of crises?

All things considered: the role of expert advice in climate-related crises

Adaptation is an integral part to our response to catastrophic climate change. The goal is to reduce our vulnerability to the harmful effects of climate change, not only related to the rising sea levels but also to more frequent and intense extreme weather events and the associated long-term effects (e.g. food/water insecurity). We invite you to join us for a COP27 EU side event on All things considered: the role of expert advice in climate-related crises. This session will try to make sense of the actual role of expert advice in strategic crisis management, considering that the fast response required in such situations may come at the expense of increased scientific uncertainty.

Integrating research for new cancer screening programmes

This live session of the Research and Innovation Days will be a debate on future cancer screening programmes that improve the early detection of cancer. What can be still improved? Which research is needed? Select your session as of today on the Research and Innovation Days platform to get an alert.