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What a year for our BLSI community!

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date:  30/11/2020

Would you like to know the magic word describing best the first months of our BLSI – Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation – community? Read on… and pull together your Italian knowledge!


Back in early July, our legal interoperability team sent out the first BLSI newsletter and prepared with trembling knees and lots of excitement for our first community event, baptized virtual breakfast on digital-ready policymaking. And it worked: you showed up, got engaged and we received sufficient munition to go on!

Thus in the autumn, we came back with more content: we informed you about interesting events (e.g. OPSI event on Rules as Code) and inspiring news (e.g. a course on legal interoperability) and saw happily your interest in our webinars:

We are also  pleased that what we are doing is part of a greater growing trend, moving from a niche subject to a recurring core issue of many conferences (e.g. ReMep 2020, Icegov2020, Digilabs20) and interesting projects popping up around it (e.g. the Flemish linked local governments data experience). We can hear the call for more European and international cooperation on the topic and this is exactly, what we would like to facilitate.

So what is our magic word for the BLSI community in 2020? 


Thanks to you, our community journey so far was gorgeous! Let's continue our collaboration in the same spirit in the next year!

And what are our plans for 2021?

  • We expect that digital-ready policymaking will get even more attention – you may want to keep an eye on the upcoming Berlin Declaration on Digital Society in this respect.
  • We hope to support projects, which bring technology closer to legislation and move forward the efforts streamlining regulatory reporting.
  • We will keep learning about your needs and listening to your ideas so we shape our community together! To walk the talk, please let us know by end of December what topics you would like to discuss in our next webinars, which will continue as of February 2021.
  • Finally, we hope to see more and more of your content on our Joinup space, where please feel free to launch discussions, comment on existing ideas and publish your news – relevant for our community.

Warm regards,

Cécile, Isa & Zsofia


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