First full Partnerships Coordinators meeting concluded with success

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    10 July 2017
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On June 21-22, all twelve Partnership Coordinators met for the first time in Brussels. Split in two days, the Coordinators Meeting focused on the presentation of roles and responsibilities to the newcomers prior to the provision of a general update about the state of play of the Urban Agenda. A long conversation among Partnerships grouped in clusters followed. Synergies, functioning of the Partnerships and lessons learnt were some of the topics jointly discussed. Day 1 finished with an intense session centred in the Action Plan and a short update on Futurium.

A working breakfast with the URBAN Intergroup of the European Parliament kicked off Day 2, which stressed the joint work of coordinators. Thus, numerous bilateral meetings were organised to facilitate cooperation and ease the pathway of the new Partnerships. Other topics briefly presented and tackled were the public feedback process on the draft actions; the link with the Smart Cities and Communities; and the update on the New Urban Agenda and consequences for the Action Plan. The Partnerships Coordinators meeting finished with the next steps towards the Action Plans, the Cities Forum and the upcoming meetings from the Partnerships.