Valga (EE)– Valka (LV) Twin Town Centre Development!!!

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    Angela PINTO
    18 December 2020 - updated 5 months ago
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We are pleased to promote the newly built twin town center of Valga-Valka!  A symbolic achievement in the field of cross-border cooperation!

Exactly 100 years have passed since the tiny river Varžupīte / Konnaoja divided the town of Walk into Valga (EE) and Valka (LV). Today, in December 2020, the twin town center is united again!

The motto of Valga–Valka is “One city, two states”. The project aim is the development of a joint territory to improve physical connectivity, unite both towns’ citizens, promote tourism and activate entrepreneurship. The new center is architecturally and professionally designed so that the border has become an attraction. This goes beyond a simply joint territory, instead this is a concrete example of multi-level partnership built upon common local goals and values.

Despite legal differences in the two countries, the construction of the twin city centre came to an end without major incidents and was completed ahead of schedule! The great opening is expected for spring 2021.

The project received an ERDF contribution of 2,9 million EUR.


Do you want to know how the construction of the new center was done? Have a look at this video:  

Now that construction is finalised, dissemination activities include the outdoor orienteering game “walk VVALK”  taking place between 12 and 27 December.

Get to know more about this project here: