6th International Scientific Conference "Communication, information, awareness and education late modernity"

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Date & time: 
Friday, 10 July, 2020 - 07:00 to Sunday, 12 July, 2020 - 16:00
Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion
Leoforos Plastira 49
712 01 Heraklion Crete
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NOTICE: Due to the latest developments on COVID-19 the Confernece will be held on 10-12 July

The Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences announces to its members, partners, friends and interested parties, the extension of abstract submission deadline for the participation of rapporteurs in the 6th International Scientific Conference , with the central theme "Communication, information, awareness and education late modernity ", which will be held in Heraklion, Crete, on 10-12 July 2020.

In the way of historical time, production and management of knowledge and information, and the information and communication processes, have always been a driving force for the historical and social development. The modern world is characterized, among other things, a radical change in these fields, their operation and their relationships with significant implications for public and private life. The shocking changes that have occurred in recent years have highlighted the potential of the information society and the communication society. Causal aspect of developments was primarily generalized invasion of new information technologies, information and communication in all areas of social life. The change does not concern merely the introduction of new media channels and practices, but it is a broader and multidimensional social event, with important implications and influences on science, research, education, civil society, the market, in politics, up to elementary areas of everyday life. Through aspects of globalization, the phenomenon increasingly affects the whole range of social life, at a time when all interrelated. here highlights the interrelationship and interaction between knowledge and information, training and awareness, consumption and communications, information and research, education and social constitution. Simultaneously, shows different risks, such as social manipulation, propaganda, called Fake news etc. At the same time, concerns are raised,

The main purpose of the 6th International Scientific Conference of I.A.KE. It is the critical investigation and scientific debate about the current developments in the information space, communication and information, with a central reference axis to operate primarily in research, education and training and broader society, culture, the economy and politics.


Starting with the central theme, the conference focuses on the following thematic areas, without prejudice to such other arising from the general title:

The dynamics of communication

  • Throwback, past, present and future
  • Communication, social interaction and national consciousness
  • Channels, media, institutions and processes
  • Social dimensions, implications and concerns

The information society

  • Theoretical framework and current trends
  • The tug of war between knowledge and information
  • Production, organization, distribution and dissemination of information
  • Use and management of information
  • Modern technologies, networks, tools and practices

Modern education and training

  • Information and communication in education
  • Pedagogy, educational theory and teaching
  • Education policies, guidelines and education structures
  • Curricula, support and teaching materials
  • Teaching methodology, teaching suggestions, teaching scenarios
  • General knowledge, scientific expertise and training
  • Innovative projects, new technologies
  • Education for sustainability guidance
  • Special education and inclusive education
  • Informal education, lifelong learning
  • educational research

Social, political and economic life

  • Communication and information in public life
  • Identities and political communication
  • Interpersonal relationships and communication
  • Challenges, concerns, ethical issues
  • Publicist and political
  • Information, training and economy
  • Communication and information culture, art and religion
  • Communication and entertainment.