#Standards4Quantum: Making Quantum Technology Ready for Industry

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    Juan LLORET
    17 May 2020 - updated 12 months ago
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Quantum technology is, by comparison, as computing was in the 1950s or so. But it is a reality that companies like Google, IBM and others are pushing hard in this direction. Because, for example, the use of secure keys or, on the contrary, the breaking of hitherto secure keys are at stake. The simultaneous calculation capacity of computer equipment (measured in qubit) is an opportunity or a disadvantage depending on whether its use is properly studied and regulated. This document presents the results of workshops carried out in 20019. And it marks the guidelines for future standards. The task is carried out in its major weight by Hub Sciencie and the European groups CEN CENELEC, in collaboration with other estates, for example, such as the German DIM institute.

External link to reporthttps://editorialia.com/2020/05/17/standards4quantum-making-quantum-technology-ready-for-industry/